Bioenteric Intragastric Balloon (BIB) is a safe method for losing unwanted kilograms. A balloon placed in the stomach is big enough to ensure that there is no possibility of it coming outside. It is an alternative for a classic bariatric surgery. The procedure is non-surgical, reversible and safe.

The procedure consists of introducing into the stomach a special balloon filled with liquid and/or air (up to about 700ml) – the balloon reduces the maximum volume of the stomach and, as a result, a patient feels full even after eating a small meal. The balloon remains in the stomach for about 6 months and causes the patient to develop new eating habits.

The Intragastric Balloon is also a perfect solution before surgical treatment of obesity. It should be underlined that this method does not affect the process of digestion and does not require the patient to take additional diet supplements. Post procedural complications are extremely rare.

Intragastric balloon is a great way to prepare the patient for the next stage of treatment – the surgical stage. This is particularly important for patients who are very obese or are suffering from concomitant illnesses, significantly impaired by the patient’s condition.

The loss of a dozen or even dozens of pounds during balloon therapy makes subsequent surgical treatment much safer.



  • There are few assessments that need to be conducted before the procedure: surgical, cardiological, endocrinology, pulmonological, psychological, dietary.
  • Examinations performed during the patient’s consultation: biochemical profile, endocrinological profile, gastroscopic tests, abdominal ultrasound, echocardiography, spirometry, chest radiograph.
  • If necessary, further examinations are conducted: computerized tomography, examinations of the upper section of the digestive tract using contrast medium
  • Diagnostics last 1-2 days and are carried out immediately before the procedure. Thanks to this, the patient entering the stage of surgical treatment is the one that has been fully diagnosed, which considerably minimizes the risk with surgical treatment.





5.0/5 average ServiceScore on WhatClinic

Would like to thank Eveline who was helping me with my Assistance Package. I think I would had been lost without it. She made me feel comfortable and she has good English. Would like to thank all the staff and Dr Piotr Rataj for brilliant job. Also Anna who I was speaking to through emails was really helpful and responded to everything I needed to know.

Ryan, Leeds, UK

From personal experience, the clinic is well run and staff at the clinic seem to be highly competent and professional. My selected treatments were implemented efficiently and I am already only after few days, pleased with the results. The surgery caused only very minor discomfort, such that I did not even need to use the pain killers provided. The clinic is to be highly recommended!

Timothy, London, UK

I am only just out of the surgery so I cannot speak for the final results, however I can testify that the procedure itself was carried out very efficiently and I was cared for very well whilst at the clinic.

Robert, London, UK

Originally, I was sceptical about going away to a different country for surgery. This clinic is as clean and as well organised as possible. I would recommend ClinicForYou for anyone.

Adam, Belfast

I was greatly impressed with the clinic. It was small and persona, I was expecting bigger. The staff are all lovely. Dr Piotr is a genius.

Kim, Luton, UK

I could not be happier with the service at ClinicForYou. Anna answered all my questions and give me all information needed. Eveline made me feel so comfortable. The surgery went perfectly!

Janet, London, UK

I met many UK surgeons and didn’t feel comfortable. As soon as I spoke with Anna I felt comfortable and confident. Dr Piotr is an amazing surgeon and the clinic is amazing too. I can’t wait to come back. I am so happy with my results!

Stephanie, Liverpool, UK

With ClinicForYou – what you see is what you get. I was looked after from the moment I arrived at the airport to the day I returned to UK. If you feel you are not sure about anything, contact Eveline or Anna and your mind will be put to rest. What a great team they all are!

Roselydia, London, UK

Had a wonderful stay, thank you to all the staff, they were lovely and made my trip feel safe and peaceful. I hope if I consider more surgeries I would be welcomed back just the same as I was this time. You provide a great service and have a fantastic team. You change people’s lifes for the better. Thank you!

Marie, London, UK

From the first contact by email and telephone with Eveline, I felt confident and reassured. Since arriving and meeting Mac I was totally able to keep my mind at rest. Great people both of them, amazing attention, I’m very happy I’ve chosen your clinic.

Adam, UK

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