Very friendly staff and knowlegable. Dr Piotr was very friendly and knew what is best for patient. I felt at ease with dr and would recommend him 100%.


Would like to thank Eveline who was helping me with my Assistance Package. I think I would had been lost without it. She made me feel comfortable and she has good English. Would like to thank all the staff and Dr Piotr Rataj for brilliant job. Also Anna who I was speaking to through emails was really helpful and responded to everything I needed to know. – Ryan, Leeds, UK, Gynecomastia


I am only just out of the surgery so I cannot speak for the final results, however I can testify that the procedure itself was carried out very efficiently and I was cared for very well whilst at the clinic. – Robert, London, UK, Gynecomastia
From personal experience, the clinic is well run and staff at the clinic seem to be highly competent and professional. My selected treatments were implemented efficiently and I am already only after few days, pleased with the results. The surgery caused only very minor discomfort, such that I did not even need to use the pain killers provided. The clinic is to be highly recommended! – Timothy, London, UK, Face Lift, Laser Peel on face


Originally, I was sceptical about going away to a different country for surgery. This clinic is as clean and as well organised as possible. I would recommend ClinicForYou for anyone. – Adam, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Gynecomasty


I was greatly impressed with the clinic. It was small and persona, I was expecting bigger. The staff are all lovely. Dr Piotr is a genius. – Kim, Luton, UK, Tummy Tuck with Liposuction


I could not be happier with the service at ClinicForYou. Anna answered all my questions and give me all information needed. Eveline made me feel so comfortable. The surgery went perfectly! – Janet, London, UK, Breast Enlargement


I met many UK surgeons and didn’t feel comfortable. As soon as I spoke with Anna I felt comfortable and confident. Dr Piotr is an amazing surgeon and the clinic is amazing too. I can’t wait to come back. I am so happy with my results! – Stephanie, Liverpool, UK, Breast Enlargement with Small Lift


I would highly recommend this procedure with ClinicForYou. I’m very happy with my results. – Ashley, Hull, UK, Gynecomastia


Assistance service was great. Would have been totally lost without it. Very satisfied! – Alana, Liverpool, UK, Breast Enlargement


With ClinicForYou – what you see is what you get. I was looked after from the moment I arrived at the airport to the day I returned to UK. If you feel you are not sure about anything, contact Eveline or Anna and your mind will be put to rest. What a great team they all are! – Roselydia, London, UK, Tummy and Love Handles Liposuction


Had a wonderful stay, thank you to all the staff, they were lovely and made my trip feel safe and peaceful. I hope if I consider more surgeries I would be welcomed back just the same as I was this time. You provide a great service and have a fantastic team. You change people’s lifes for the better. Thank you! – Marie, London, UK, Arms, Tummy, Love Handles Liposuction


I had lost 7 stones in weight and was left with a huge amount of excess skin. After searching on the internet, I discovered Piotr. I came to meet him and had a consultation, then, flew back later that week with my daughter. We both had Tummy Tuck with Liposuction, my daughter had Breast Enlargement and I had Breast Lift. I came back after 4 months to have Arm Lift with Lipo done. The results are amazing.It really has changed how I feel about me. Piotr is amazingly talented. – Pauline, Doncaster, UK, Arm Lift with Liposuction


It is very difficult to trust a surgeon you have never met and beeing away from home is nervewracking. However, Dr Piotr Rataj and his nurse were confident and reassuring. I felt in very safe hands during the whole procedure. The results are life changing. I am very happy with my facelift and eyelids. I cannot thank you enough. The aftercare is faultless. – Wendy, Bristol, UK, Facelift with Upper and Lower Eyelids Correction, Botox


Very pleased with the service and outcome. – Brenda, UK, Breast Enlargement, Tummy Tuck, Thighs Lift


Eveline and the team take care of everything, so I had nothing to worry about. Great service and great team. – Sam, UK, Gynecomastia


Very happy with the surgeon and the care I received and absolutely amazed by the results. Eveline has been an angel! She was very friendly and always on time! I can’t imagine my trip without Assistance Package. – Alexandra, Germany, Breast Enlargement


Very happy with the surgeon and the care I had at ClinicForYou in Poland. The surgeon and staff are amazing which made me feel at ease. Highly recommend! – Claire, Germany, Mini Tummy Tuck with Liposuction, Love handles Liposuction, Fat Transfer to face


Never ever thought I would search abroad for surgery on my own. But ClinicForYou made it so easy to do so. From the very first email and response I knew I was going to the right place. The help offered from the Assistance Package is invaluable and Dr Piotr Rataj is incredibly talented. I am so happy with my results that I will be back next year and have already recommended the clinic to friends and family back in England. Thank you ClinicForYou. – Karen, UK, Thighs Lift, Labiaplasty


From the first contact by email and telephone with Eveline, I felt confident and reassured. Since arriving and meeting Mac I was totally able to keep my mind at rest. Great people both of them, amazing attention, I’m very happy I’ve chosen your clinic. – Adam, UK, Facelift with Upper Eyelids Correction, Nose Tip Reshaping


I was nervous about surgery in Poland but I would 100% come back! The aftercare is better than in England. Dr Piotr was honest and made me feel confident. GREAT SERVICE! – Jay Mantripp, UK, Nose Tip Reshaping


Excellent surgeon. My sister and myself both had facelifts and although it is still too early after surgery, we can both see a huge difference with our appearance. Very happy with outcome as we look about 10 years younger.I would highly recommend on Dr Peter, the clinic and all the staff. If you are considering a facelift, I would say go for it with ClinicForYou! – Brenda and Heather, UK, Facelift with Both Eyelids Correction/Chin Liposuction


I had my face and neck lift with liposuction to my chin area, with Dr Piotr 4 weeks ago and can already see the difference this has made. Although my face and neck are still very tender to touch and still a little swollen I am very pleased with the result. I also had lower eye surgery which again has made an improvement to my lines and crows feet. The clinic itself was quite basic but very clean but the surgeon and the nurse who assisted in the operation were very competent. Right from my consultation with the surgeon I felt confidence in his abilities. I probably felt that a little more aftercare straight after surgery would have been nice, maybe a cup of tea, but the surgery was the main objective and this was very good. The assistance package is an absolute must for anyone from outside Poland, Mac was very helpful and kind and as the surgeon spoke very little English he translated at my consultation and check ups. Mac also collected me for every clinic appointment and collected me and took me back to the airport. I do not think I would have found my way around without him. I would say that I would definitely go back again for further surgery, and can recommend the surgeon without hesitation. – Jacqueline, UK, Facelift with Lower Eyelids Correction/Fat Deposit (lower eyelids)/Chin Liposuction/Fat Transfer to Hands


I would highly recommend that clinic. From start to finish the care was excellent. All the staff were friendly. Any questions I had were answered. I would definitely come back here again! – Eleanah, UK, Breast Enlargement


I was very apprehensive about getting treatment abroad, but the information and help I received from friendly understanding staff, put me at ease. Everything was taken care of and I was really well looked after. Poland is also a great place and if I need further treatment, I would definitely come back. – Thomas, UK, Male Breast Reduction


The clinic is very nice and clean. Friendly nurses. The clinic is situated not far from the city centre. Nice surgeon. Overall, a very positive impression! – Rosa, UK, Breast Reduction with Lift


After booking the surgery and not knowing what to expect, from the moment I was picked up from the aiport, I felt I made the right decision. The treatment was fantastic and felt very confident with the surgeon and the entire staff. I would totally recommend ClinicForYou to anyone who wants a professional service abroad. – James, UK, Male Breast Reduction Max


I am very satisfied with my procedures. Both surgeons provided excellent service and I believe everything will turn out great in a month (after the swelling disappears). – Daniel, USA, Full-Face CO2 Laser, Upper and Lower Eyelids Correction


The operation ran smoothly from start to finish with no problems. The assistant made me feel comfortable and the staff at the clinic were very friendly and helpful. – Jacob, UK, Male Breast Reduction


I had a great experience with ClinicForYou. From my initial email enquiry to my return flight, the team ClinicForYou couldn’t have been more helpful. The procedures were carried out with care and professionalism. The environment was clean and modern and I’m pleased with the results so far- I’d definitely recommend that clinic! – Catherine, UK, Deep Laser Peel, Fat transfer to mouth, Upper Eyelids


From the very beginning, the pick up at the aiport by a Patients Coordinator Eveline, I felt it’s good to see a happy face in a foreign country. The surgeon was very honest and thorough with consultation and procedure. Very Satisfied! – Revlynne, UK, Facelift


It all started a few months ago, when I decided the time was right to make a big change in my life. Like lots of people I have dieted and then dieted again! Joined the gym went for a few weeks!

Does any of this sound familiar?

Being 52 the beer belly was just getting out of control (I have not had a drink in 4 years by the way) I hated walking past a reflection of myself and my self-esteem had hit rock bottom, I couldn’t wear suits or shirts that I had in the wardrobe, I never felt smart when I went to work!

So the research began with the willing help of my wonderful partner Elaine who had had surgery in Turkey 7 years ago. So that was the obvious place to start, the only trouble was it was now a money money business and the patient care had gone

So we started looking at the internet for inspiration and I can tell you there are lots and lots of companies advertising surgery in all corners of the globe so where does one start?

To make this short and sweet and to save you time on research I have done it all for you 

There is only one company that I would recommend to all that are reading this

Clinic for you

From the very first email to leaving Poland they were excellent.

My first contact was an email and the reply came from Eveline who is so professional and through at her job. I was asked to send some pictures of myself so the surgeon could take a look and recommend the correct procedure. Dr Piotr Rataj looked at the pictures and recommended the following;


So this was what I was going to have done. Emails were exchanged between me and Eveline and the wheels were set in motion.

Eveline arranged my accommodation in the centre of Wroclaw and I opted for the assistance package which is a huge help.

I booked my flights direct with Wizzair from Luton to Wroclaw.

Sunday I was collected at Wroclaw by Mac who is a great English speaker and taken straight for blood tests on the way to the apartment

The apartment was very clean and modern and in a nice area of Wroclaw, Mac gave me a mobile phone so that if there was anything that I needed I only had to call also they give you a map of the city. Explore Wroclaw it is a fascinating city with a lot of history also a lot of restaurants and bars if that is your thing (Felt very safe)

Monday Free day in Wroclaw sight seeing The supermarkets are cheap for food if you wish to stay in and do your own thing The WIFI in the apartments is very good so you can keep in contact with people at home.

Tuesday The day of the operation! I would be lying if I said I was not nervous or a little apprehensive Checked out of apartment and meet by Mac who drove me to the clinic

I meet with Dr Piotr Rataj who went through the procedure and it changed a little to more liposuction and a mini tummy tuck do to good muscle tension below the FAT! We were set to go at around 3pm so a little bit of a wait but very nice room and use of the WIFI so that was great. All set at 3pm but a small delay of a about 30 mins, into the gown and walk down to theatre Meet the team all very pleasant, in went the cannula and good night Vienna 

I came round about 10pm I think  I was greeted by a smiling nurse (Name) who was giving me pain killers and taking my blood pressure etc, I phoned home at some point but only have a very vague recollection of the call  Dosed in and out of sleep until around 7.30am the following morning

Wednesday Off for a short walk along the corridor and back into the en suite and time to have a look at my self I honestly could not believe what I was seeing where had I gone???!!!!!!!! The transformation was incredible and I don’t say that lightly, after having to look at my awful gut for some many years it had gone in a flash. I felt very emotional about what this man had performed for me

During the stay at the clinic I was looked after incredibly well and nothing was too much trouble for any of the team Thank you.

Around 1pm Mac arrived and I was given a check-up by Piotr who I could not thank enough, he was happy for me to return to the apartment

Mac drove me back and helped me check in and he also took my luggage up to the room I was staying in another equally modern and nice apartment this time with a balcony, it had been suggested to walk as often as I could so I went for a quick stroll around the lanes and go a few bits from the supermarket Early night with some pain killers 

Thursday Woke up after an ok sleep (not the best in the world) and had a nice warm shower and a good look at what had been done. I was still amazed at the result.

Thought that I would have a small venture out and pop along to the shopping mall Very western and all named items not that cheap compared to the UK Steak meal in the Rodeo below the apartment cost around £8

Friday Off to see Piotr for a check-up. Meet by Eveline which was at last nice to put a face to the emails Mac was now on holiday for 2 weeks. We also had to collect another patient on the way that was also having a check up I meet with Dr Piotr Rataj and he was very pleased with the way my recover was going, arranged to meet again on Monday morning.

The weekend was spent in and around the apartment where I managed to get some work done

Monday Back to see Dr Piotr Rataj who unfortunately was in surgery with another lucky patient so I saw his nurse (Name) who was very pleased with the results that I was showing. All good to head home tomorrow morning Spent the last day in Wroclaw sorting out small things and packing

Tuesday 4am from the apartment bless Eveline she was there to take me to the airport

To sum all this up I am so happy that I went to Poland and with Clinic for You I would highly recommend this company for their professionalism and patient care.

– Mark, UK, Tummy Tuck with Liposuction


I was treated very well and professional from start to finish. The Assistance Package was excellent. 10 out of 10 points. – Tom, Norway, Hair Transplant


Many thanks to Eveline, Mac and the surgeon. The clinic was better than expected. Great service from start to end. I used the Assistance Package, I will use that again. The surgeon was knowledgeable and kind. I did an Arm lift and Mini Tummy Tuck. The results were fantastic. 100% satisfied customer. – Evy, Norway, Arm Lift and Mini Tummy Tuck


I’m very pleased with the procedure. Regarding the Assistance Package, it’s so worth having someone picking you up and driving to the different arrangements and so driving you back. It’s time saving and gives the feeling of safety. All the help I got from both Eveline and Mac was the best. They were nice, patient and helpful. – Alicia, Sweden, Breast Augmentation


Eveline helped me with all the basic steps, like booking apartment, surgery and Assistance Package. This was so comfortable. Everyone was kind and respectful, especially the nurses who took great care of me. The surgeon was calm and professional giving me his true opinion of my desired surgeries.He cares more of making the best for the patient and of the results than thinking of his profit. – Alicia, Sweden, Breast Augmentation


I am very pleased with the procedure and the stay in Wroclaw. ClinicForYou was professional in all stages of the treatment. I was especially pleased with the Assistance Service which was very useful for me during these days. I hope my result will be as good as my experience with the service. My nose is still healing after the surgery, so it is still a bit early to say. – Fabian, Norway, Rhinoplasty



All Staff were helpful from start to finish. I felt I received a professional service and felt in very safe hands. – Lee, UK, Hair transplant


Professional from the pick-up at the airport until leaving me at the airport at the end. Felt secure during the whole process, and was informed along the treatment. I will not be in doubt next time. – Finn/ Norway, Abdominoplasty


When I arrived at the Clinic I was very pleased with Mac- who spoke very good English and acted as a translator between me and the doctor.  I felt in good hands because my doctor was very professional. – Lasse, Denmark, Hair transplant


I found the clinic very friendly and helpful. I felt very safe, and confident as Dr. Rataj was gentle and professional. – Annie, UK, Face Lift


From the moment I arrived to Wroclaw, they took very good care of me. That was very helpful and kind when I stayed in hospital. I am very happy with the result. And this is the place I want to come back to if I need anything else done. – Line, Norway, Abdominoplasty with Liposuction


I am very happy with my Rhinoplasty so far. It is only day 7 and already my swelling and bruising is almost gone. I felt almost no pain and healed very quickly. Great surgeon and very friendly staff. – Clare, Scotland, Rhinoplasty


Very happy with the Assistance Travel Package, the surgeon was great. I would come back in the future. I recommend highly. – Chris, Wales, Ear Reshaping and Chin Implant


All very nice, glad I went for it. Mac waiting by the airport, taking me to the hotel. Picking me the next day to go to the Clinic- staying with me, when Doctor came to make sure I understood what’s happening; taking me back & forth to change when needed. If having anymore treatment, would definitely use Clinic For You. – Carol, UK Eye Bag Removal


Very attentive staff at the Clinic. First class care and treatment from arrival. Very happy with the results and would have no hesitation recommending the Clinic. – Graham, Scotland, Chin Implant


I was lucky to find this Clinic. Compared to clinics in other countries the price/quality relationship is excellent; you will definitely get value for your money. Dr. Rataj and his nurse are both very pleasant people who made me feel relaxed. Dr. Rataj performed my surgeries so gently that I hardly had any swelling or pain. – Eira, Spain, Face Lift


Two weeks ago I had a facelift and I am so pleased with the results, I look like 10 years younger. Dr. Piotr Rataj is a great surgeon. The staff is very friendly and professional. Spacious, clean and well-equipped clinic. Highly recommend it. – rma, Copenhagen, Tummy liposuction with Mini Tummy tuck, Facelift


I am very pleased with all the service I’ve received from the Clinic. From the very first time I contacted them, they answered all my questions and concerns. The staff of the Clinic and the doctor were very friendly and professional. Everything were organised in order to receive the best service and to make me feel secure and comfortable. I would definitely recommend this Clinic for any aesthetic surgery. – Aleka, UK, Rhinoplasty and Nose Tip Reshaping


I was happy with the treatment I received from the Clinic. It is clean and purpose built. The staff are friendly and I am looking forward to seeing them again. – John, UK, Hair Transplant


It’s been a while since I had performed three procedures at the same time. I feel like  I have found the right “ClinicForMe.” Ten stars treatment, reasonable price, conducted by high technology service. All that happens in one of the most beautiful cities in Poland – Wroclaw – Manuel, UK, Hair Transplant, Blepharoplasty and Pinnoplasty


I would recommend the Clinic to anyone. The service during our stay was brilliant and the care at the Clinic was great – J., UK, Ears Reshaping


I had Tummy tuck with Liposuction and Arms liposuction. Cannot find any faults. The care was brilliant. Nurses there were so gentle and reassuring. The Doctor is honest and professional. Will be going back next year. – Mary, UK Abdominoplasty with Liposuction and Arms Liposuction


The Clinic is very professional, clean, great service! Friendly staff, very welcoming and attentive. Have posted post op pictures on Facebook and friends are very impressed with results! I have had several messages asking for details and I have recommended the Clinic very highly. I am happy with the results and ClinicForYou aftercare. – Rowena, UK, Abdominoplasty and Breast Augmentation


The treatments went as planned. There were no complications after the surgeries and the surgeon knew how to perform the procedures in the least invasive manner. Both the surgeon and the nurse were very friendly and helpful. Maciej was also very patient and solved all my doubts. It was definitely worth visiting Wroclaw since the price-quality relationship of the treatments I received was simply excellent. It is really hard to find elsewhere in Europe such high-quality treatments in top facilities at extremely competitive prices. I absolutely recommend  people to try this surgeon. – Eira, Spain Arm Lift


I am really happy I chose this clinic. Everyone was very friendly and helpful since the moment I was picked up from the airport. The surgeon, Dr Rataj informed me of every single step of this procedure. I was really affraid of general anesthesia, but everything went the way Dr Rataj told me. Now, months after the surgery, I am very pleased with the final effect. I would definitely recommend this clinic. – Donna, UK Thighs Lift


On August 2010 Dr Rataj carried out abdominoplasty with liposuction, which as a treatment is not easy. My expectations were fulfilled, I am very pleased with the surgery and thus ended my complexes (about my stomach)! In addition, the scar is very aesthetically pleasing and beneath my bikini-line. I’ve seen a number of results and mine, compared to those seen in other women, are the best! Dr. Rataj is very friendly, patient and thoroughly explained the operation. The Clinic is very modern, nurses have a lovely disposition, and most importantly post-operative care is excellent. I really recommend it! – Susan, Liverpool, UK


Almost a month ago I had breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Rataj. I am very pleased with the outcome of his work, the professional and friendly after-care, and the holistic approach to the patient’s health, before and after surgery. Another advantage is the affordable prices compared to other clinics. I highly recommend Dr. Rataj! – Pauline, Dublin


Even though I was sedated, I was aware of how much care Dr Peter was taking and how gentle he was, which was evident in almost no bruising and I bruise easily. The op. lasted 3 and a half hours, but felt like 20 mins. – Joan, Reading, UK


I really wanted a facelift and knew it was the answer to the ageing process for me, I was very nervous about the outcome – I wanted a natural result, and am happy to say that was exactly what I received. Dr Peter took time to listen to me, he promised me I would be happy with the result and I can say without a doubt that he produced the results I hoped for. People tell me how well I look, how great I look for my age, I’m so glad I did it, no regrets whatsoever. The skin around my jaw is tightened now, and the folds are gone from the sides of my mouth. My complexion is fresher, too, because the skin is firmer. It was worth the short-term discomfort of the operation in order for me to enjoy the long-term benefits, and having the Assistance Package meant I had help at hand for the whole period of time I was in Poland, which was absolutely excellent. The cost of my surgery was very reasonable compared with prices in England, which made it possible for me to book in with Dr Peter. Thank you for everything. – Claire, Hamilton


When I met the surgeon, I felt totally confident. He asks all the right questions like, What are you not happy with, what are your expectations? He studied my face intensely, and he so obviously takes pride in his work, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, he is an excellent surgeon. – Lucy, London, UK


The trip was great and all went well. I have to say Dr. Rataj & Mac were absolutely wonderful and so professional. Dr. Rataj is such a lovely man & has a great sense of humour. – Alec, Lipoma Removal


ClinicForYou service is great. The Doctors are great, especially the one that did my surgery – Dr. Piotr. I enjoyed my stay there. The service was excellent. I would recommend anyone to this clinic. Great. – Terice, Birmingham, Tummy and Sides Liposuction


The quality of the service is as good as I was expecting. Very easy to get necessary info, and I was treated very good. O felt like I was in focus all the time. I was feeling “safe” at all time. I would not recommend to skip the assistance package. Extremely efficient and pleasant. Very good service, suited to treatment. – Finn, Norway, Abdominoplasty


I can truly recommend this clinic. It’s professional, clean and the people are always so kind and helpful. I’ve been here twice with no regrets. – Stine, Norway, Breast Lift with Implants


On arrival Mac meet us at the airport, took us to apartament and collected us the following day. Peter (the doctor) was so nice, very helpful, explained evertyhing via Mac, Nurses also very nice, nothing too much trouble. The Assistance Package service is a must! Don’t know how we would have managed without Mac. He was amazing, so helpful. – Louise, Liverpool, Hips,Thighs,Knees,Tummy,Sides and waist Liposuction - Infrasonic Nutational Technique

Please, note that the final results depend not only on the surgeon, but also the anatomical conditions of the patient and healing process.

If a patient is not satisfied with the results from the surgery and from the medical point of view there is a possibility to correct it, we offer corrective procedure free of charge. However, the patient needs to pay for flights, accommodation, etc. on his/her own.