Liposuction is a very effective method of removing excess fat from basically all the body parts. It is recommended to both men and women who would like to get rid of the excess fat tissue. One of the most important advantage of liposuction is that the removed fat cells do not regenerate, so it is a long-lasting surgical procedure.

There are various Liposuction techniques; they all involve inserting a tube through a small incision in the treated area and removing the fat tissue. During the consultation patients discuss the parts of body they want to correct (which may include: waist and back, hips, buttocks, tummy, outer and inner thighs, knees, and the area around chin). For smaller areas the treatment is often done on an outpatient basis using local anaesthetic injections. If lower and larger parts of the body are being treated, a general anaesthesia and an overnight stay at the clinic is required.

The results are visible immediately, however in the days or sometimes even weeks following the procedure body may be swollen and bruised. Patients are required to wear a supportive bandage or garment to help reduce the swelling and achieve the desired shape. The final effect is visible after several months, when the swelling fully subsides. As long as patients maintain healthy lifestyle and control their diet, they will enjoy slimmer shape for long.

Please, note that the final results depend not only on the surgeon, but also the anatomical conditions of the patient and healing process.

If a patient is not satisfied with the results from the surgery and from the medical point of view there is a possibility to correct it, we offer corrective procedure free of charge. However, the patient needs to pay for flights, accommodation, etc. on his/her own.

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