For ClinicForYou medical staff, patients’ safety and satisfaction are top priorities! Our doctors are focused on providing the highest quality service at every stage, working closely with you and offering their assistance throughout your whole stay in Poland. We aim at maintaining flawless patients’ care to ensure your comfort and well-being.

Our Clinics are all top-notch fully equipped facilities. The treatment and surgeries are performed by well-educated and licensed doctors, surgeons and medical staff in compliance with the EU standards. The patients are provided with a true after-care and can contact our English-speaking representative at any time, day and night. Patients are always presented with immediate medical help at the Clinic to make sure that no life-threatening situations can ever occur.
Furthermore, we do not forget about our patients once they’ve come back home. On the contrary, we ask them to give us regular updates on the recovery process and we provide answers to all their questions and concerns. If the results of the treatment are not satisfying, we guarantee a corrective procedure free of charge. We strive to meet the needs and requirements of all our patients, focusing on finding the best solution in each and every case.