The ClinicForYou team provides vision correcting treatments to help you enjoy good eyesight. These complex procedures are performed either under local or general anesthesia. They take place in a fully equipped and modern operating theatre where they are performed and supervised by professional and experienced medical staff. We offer Cataract removal, Strabismus correction and a wide range of plastic surgery procedures to improve both your vision and your physical appearance.

Cataract is the most common eye condition connected to aging . It results in clouding of the lens and gradual decrease in vision. A cataract may be caused by various factors, for instance genetic factors, traumas or taking different medications. Nevertheless, the most common cause is simply the aging process. There are many symptoms of a cataract, including: the clouded vision, difficulty in reading small print, little spots or specks in appearing in vision, double vision, problems with seeing colours, especially green and blue, and many more.

In recent years there was a huge progress in the surgical removal of cataracts. Nowadays it is one of the safest surgeries that is performed on millions of patients every year. The procedure does not last long, only several minutes. It involves local anaesthesia, which means that during the surgery a patient is completely conscious. Surgery requires making a small incision through which a special, tiny equipment is placed in order to first break up, and then remove the cortex of the cataract. The last step is to insert substitute lens that restores clearer vision.

There are various artificial lenses used. Our Clinic uses lenses provided by the American company- Alcon. Before the procedure a patient is required to make the following tests: chest X-Ray, EKG, a full blood count and blood smear, a test for serum electrolytes: Sodium, Potassium and Chloride, a glucose test, as well as they have to be vaccinated against hepatitis.

The several follow-ups after the surgery should take place the next day, week, month and two months after the surgery.

Strabismus is the medical condition that not only affects the physical appearance, but most of all involves the gradual decrease in vision of the, so called ‘lazy eye.’ If it is not treated properly in will become much worse with age and results in clouded vision of this eye. It is not possible to treat decreasing vision caused by strabismus among the adults. Strabismus may appear shortly after birth or at older age. It may also be the result of stress, infectious disease, head injury or infection. Strabismus can be treated non-surgically by wearing special glasses, even at the age of 1 or 2, when it is the most effective. Surgical treatment is a very common means of dealing with this problem. It should usually be completed up to age 5.

For adults the procedure does not provide a clearer vision, however they also decide on this surgery to enhance their physical appearance by surgically adjusting the eyeballs. This procedure weakens the muscles responsible for strabismus or strengthens those that are too weak. It is performed under general or local anaesthesia and lasts about 30 minutes. The effects are visible even two days after the surgery. Nevertheless, patients may still have to wear glasses. It is required to have a follow-up the next day after the procedure. Note that this procedure is especially recommended to adults with severe cases of strabismus.

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