Unlike the frame in the Acrylic Dentures, in Chrome Frame Denture the main structure is built from a cast of thin stainless steel. Acrylic artificial denture teeth are then attached to this frame. Clasps around the back teeth stabilize the denture and ensure that movement is restricted. Frame dentures cause little or no damage to surrounding teeth, and it can replace more than one missing tooth. There are no contraindications for the usage of Frame dentures. Frame dentures are considered to be the strongest and the most durable of all removable dentures. Before casting dentures, tartar and plaque need to be removed from the teeth surface and teeth need to be caries-free.

Before & After

Frame Denture After 1 Frame Denture After 2 Frame Denture After 3

Frame Denture Before 1 Frame Denture Before 2 Frame Denture Before 3

Frame Denture Before 4 Frame Denture Before 5 Frame Denture Before 6

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