Missing teeth can lower your self-esteem, make you feel uncomfortable while smiling, and cause problems with eating and speaking. Moreover, it has a negative impact on your oral health in general. Dentures are removable substitutes for missing teeth. They are usually made from an acrylic base, which is fitted with artificial teeth, which look very natural. Furthermore, loosing teeth changes facial structure, and wearing dentures restore it, additionally giving a more youthful appearance. Dentures bring back your confidence by enhancing your smile. What is more, dentures help you with eating as well as speaking, as they function as real teeth.
Note that before casting a set of dentures, all necessary measurements are taken, so that it is well adjusted and causes no discomfort. Dentist may need to extract some of your remaining teeth or deal with any gum disease, before your dentures can be fitted. If treatment is required, your mouth will need to heal properly before you will be able to wear dentures.

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