The problem of stretch marks, running paralelly, spindle-shaped skin bands concerns many women. They appear without any symptoms, usually with itching and burning. Stretch marks are the result of impairment of fibroblast which creates two types of proteins: collagen and elastin. These proteins appear as fibrillose and are responsible for flexibility, firmness and elasticity of skin. Properly constructed fiber is more resistant to stretching, although the impaired one not.

The Reduction of Stretch Marks is performed by the use of Laser Er:YAG Fotona Spectro SP with the length of light wave 2940 nm. The effects are visible just after first procedure, where the appearance of the skin is much better. Nevertheless, when there are many stretch marks and they are in the advanced level, the repetition is required. The pause between each procedure should take 6 months.

Before and After

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