Snoring is an indisposition not only destroying our dreams but also causing headache, drowsiness, irritability, concentration disorders during the day, the risk of heart problems and decreasing the sexual drive.
A delicate radiation of Laser Er:YAG reduces the occurrence of apnea and the snoring amplitude. The light from the laser heats the tissue resulting in contraction of collagen and stiffening the tissue. Consequently, the vibrations of the soft parts of palate and uvula are alleviated. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, so no anaesthetic is required.

Snoring treatment consists of 3 procedures performed within the time of 6 weeks. The first step includes the initial phase during which the parts of oral cavity, such as soft palate with uvula, the front and back palatal-tongue bow are exposed. The next phase, called the final phase, effects on the same parts as the first one, however, is more intense and the density of energy is stronger. The effects are visible just after one procedure. The repetitions improve the results.