Labiaplasty is getting more and more popular among women at all age. There are many reasons they decide to undergo the procedure, from treating the pain in genital area to cosmetic correction of their labia. Additionally, patients hope that the surgery will enhance their love life.

The procedure involves trimming and shaping labia, which surround the external part of vagina entrance. It is done under local anaesthesia and lasts about two hours. The incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches.

In the month following the surgery, patients should refrain themselves from sexual intercourse. The swelling and tenderness of the area may last for up to several months. Also, there may be visible bruising around the genitals and surrounding skin. Patients are required to avoid physical exercise for at least 3 weeks after the surgery.


Please, note that the final results depend not only on the surgeon, but also the anatomical conditions of the patient and healing process.

If a patient is not satisfied with the results from the surgery and from the medical point of view there is a possibility to correct it, we offer corrective procedure free of charge. However, the patient needs to pay for flights, accommodation, etc. on his/her own.

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