Eyelid correction, also called blepharoplasty, is a procedure that rejuvenates lower and upper parts of eyes, removing puffiness, eye bags or wrinkles. The main aim of the procedure is dealing with the excess fat and skin caused by loss of firmness and elasticity. It is recommended mostly to adult men and women who wish to keep their young look for longer.

The surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia. The incisions are made within natural contours of our eyes, so that the scars are as invisible as possible. They are closed with absorbable stitches. It itakes some time to see the results due to the swelling and bruising. Gradually, the skin around the eyes will become smoother and the face will look much younger.

The final effect is seen after several weeks, however it takes up to one year for the incision lines to fade within the natural contours of our eyes. To some extent, the results are permanent, however with time new aging signs will appear. Therefore, it is necessary to properly maintain our skin, protect it from the sun and moisture it regularly. If patients follow doctor’s orders they will keep the young and fresh look for longer.

Before & After

Upper Eyelids Correction Joanna CucurulloEyelids-correction-1      Eyelids-correction-2

Stephanie before&after 2

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Please, note that the final results depend not only on the surgeon, but also the anatomical conditions of the patient and healing process.

If a patient is not satisfied with the results from the surgery and from the medical point of view there is a possibility to correct it, we offer corrective procedure free of charge. However, the patient needs to pay for flights, accommodation, etc. on his/her own.


I was very nervous about having my procedure done in a different country but I couldn’t have been treated better. Communication was excellent and Wroclaw itself is a beautiful and safe city. Dr Rataj was great and the surgery itself went without any complications. I couldn’t be happier!

– Jill, Doncaster, UK
When I met the surgeon, I felt totally confident. He asks all the right questions like, What are you not happy with, what are your expectations? He studied my face intensely, and he so obviously takes pride in his work, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, he is an excellent surgeon. – Lucy, London, UK

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