Nowadays, more and more women decide on Breast Enlargement. To be more acquainted with the subject, they do research or gather information concerning the surgery. This cosmetic procedure has become so fashionable  that we forget that it is still a surgery that may entail numerous complications, if a patient is not cautious enough in choosing the appropriate clinic, plastic surgeon or even size. It is recommended to be knowledgeable before going to the initial consultation, as you will be certain what questions to ask to form an opinion or make a decision. The term consultation means the time for both, the doctor and the patient, for asking the questions and dispelling the anxieties; regarding the medical history, one’s expectations, the possibility of accomplishing these expectations, the possible risk and complications.


The role of the patient here is of paramount importance as she needs to be totally honest with the surgeon and answer all the questions the doctor requires. The most common questions  concern areas such as  lifestyle, habits, addictions, medical conditions and even mental state, actual and past medications or supplements, history of diseases in the family, especially regarding breast cancer.  All such circumstances may affect the process of surgery and, consequently, the final effects. A patient also needs to remark her expectations related to the final outcome and the seductive size. A plastic surgeon, on the other hand, must take under consideration the patient’s general health condition, examine all the issues that may be considered as  risk factors, as well as balance her expectations with reality and achievable results. Additionally, plastic surgeons also choose and recommend the size that in their opinion is the most balanced and well-proportioned considering a patient’s body and figure. They ought to discuss the following issues: the process of surgery – step-by-step, the anaesthesia, all the potential risks and complications, post-surgical instructions and the convalescence, as well as provide a patient with a precise list of the medications that she should stop/start taking before/after the surgery. In most cases plastic surgeons take photographs and all the necessary measurements which they use  for their records.

After the consultation the patients should be well-informed and have no doubts regarding the procedure and its results. The patient ought to be aware of doctor’s experience and training, education, certificates, as well as whether his areas of expertise and interest embrace aesthetic surgery, breast, face or body correction. Taking into account that in a few hours or days, this person  will be responsible for you, you should get as much reassurance as possible in order to entrust them your health and safety. In order to feel convinced, choose the surgeon that makes good first impression, patiently answers all your questions, and commands trust.  On the top of that, you should remember that within the days preceding your surgery try to stay up with a healthy lifestyle, drinking a lot of water is indicated here, so your body is not dehydrated, which can make you more nauseated during the surgery due to anaesthesia. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking for at least two weeks before and after the surgery. The same applies are connected with  medications, such as aspirin or these of ibuprofen, as they dilute blood that may result in excessive bleeding on the procedure. Stay fit and do a lot of exercises, especially back and abdominal, to strengthen the muscles, as well as to make your body more flexible and stronger. What is more important, follow all the instructions, recommendations and especially orders provided by your plastic surgeon and stay calm.


Before & After

Cosmetic-surgery-Breast-augmentation-1      Cosmetic-surgery-Breast-augmentation-2

Cosmetic-surgery-Breast-augmentation-3      Cosmetic-surgery-Breast-augmentation-4

Cosmetic-surgery-Breast-augmentation-5      Cosmetic-surgery-Breast-augmentation-6

Cosmetic-surgery-Breast-augmentation-7      Cosmetic-surgery-Breast-augmentation-8


Lisa Breast Enlargement 2Lisa Breast Enlargement with Small Lift 1 month after surgery 1
Hannah 2 months after surgery 2 Hannah Breast Enlargement 1
Breast Enlargement before and after 2 Breast Enlargement before and after
Bieniek piersi 1
3 miesiące po
 Rachel Whyte 11 months after breast Implants
prezdpo 2
przed 3po3
image11 month after

Please, note that the final results depend not only on the surgeon, but also the anatomical conditions of the patient and healing process.

If a patient is not satisfied with the results from the surgery and from the medical point of view there is a possibility to correct it, we offer corrective procedure free of charge. However, the patient needs to pay for flights, accommodation, etc. on his/her own.


Almost a month ago I had breast enlargement surgery with Dr. Rataj. I am very pleased with the outcome of his work, the professional and friendly after-care, and the holistic approach to the patient’s health, before and after surgery. Another advantage is the affordable prices compared to other clinics. I highly recommend Dr. Rataj! – Pauline, Dublin

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