Cosmetic Surgery  is considered to be on the top of medical specialty, usually performed  to correct a physical abnormality or improve our appearance. This is a highly broad field  that offers  a reconstructive surgery which is appropriate for those who suffer from damaging burn or other physical trauma. Apart from that, it might also be used to smooth out wrinkles, perform a breast enlargement or nose reshaping. The most popular cosmetic surgeries include Liposuction, Facelift, Breast Enlargement and Hair Transplant surgery.

Our top priority is to equipped patients with the excellent and personalized care in the field of Cosmetic Surgery. We understand the significance and importance of being satisfied with one’s outlook and what impact it has on peoples’ lives. These days, everyone of us is given a chance to improve the way we look, to increase our confidence, and start afresh. The Staff is dedicated to the highest quality treatment that lives up to the patients’ expectations and presents them with the best possible results. The specialists we work with follow strict standards and requirements to ensure that the patients receive professional and planned down to the last detail treatment.

Clinics that we cooperate with offer a wide range of Cosmetic Surgery procedures for both men and women. Please, see below the detailed descriptions of the selected treatments. If you are interested in any, unspecified in the following list, treatment contact the ClinicForYou team.


Please, note that the final results depend not only on the surgeon, but also the anatomical conditions of the patient and healing process.

If a patient is not satisfied with the results from the surgery and from the medical point of view there is a possibility to correct it, we offer corrective procedure free of charge. However, the patient needs to pay for flights, accommodation, etc. on his/her own.