Pros and cons of Liposuction surgery

There are many ways to lose weight. Even though we decide to start a diet, to work out every day or, simply, to make serious sacrifices, expecting effects may come after a long period of time or may not come at all. Modern medicine has found a shortcut for both impatient and determined individuals. This shortcut leads to a surgeon and to liposuction.

The removal of fat tissue from abdomen, thighs or buttocks gives a new body shape. Liposuction is most popular between people who are 18 and 50 years old. In most cases, liposuction applies to women. Recent studies, however, have shown that more and more men are ready to undergo the treatment.

But, most importantly, liposuction does not aid to fight with obesity and has no influence whatsoever on skin firmness. This treatment is relatively simple but not everyone is qualified to undergo the procedure. Apart from finances, a future patient has to pass plenty of tests e.g. a peripheral blood test, a blood osmolality test, an ECG test, tests for HIV and HCV infection, and a chest X-ray.  Those, who suffer from thyrotoxicosis, blood coagulation defect and varicose veins would be frowned upon as well.

Patients have to remember that the treatment practically can’t ensure them that the final effect would be perfect. There are many factors determining the possible outcomes of liposuction. Some of them are patient’s health and mental condition, pre-treatment weight and body structure.