Happy Lift threads

Non-invasive way of reducing wrinkles and excess skin

A Happy Lift Thread is an innovative and minimally invasive surgery used for lifting. It is very popular and frequently chosen by patients as it leaves no scars on skin. Their main role is to support the soft facial tissues, as opposed to the traditional lifting techniques, and leave the face without naso-labial or mandibular wrinkles. Apart from that, happy lift threads correct and shape mandibular outline and raise eyebrows. It also makes the face better-contoured well-shaped. The sutures are made of the same components of the absorbable sutures that have been used for more than 50 years for sewing wounds. Happy lift threads are made in such a way to stay longer in the tissue, which means to ensure the best and long lasting results. Taking into account traditional lifting, happy lift threads do not change the contour of the face but, what is the advantage, make the face looks younger and fresher. The procedure is short and not complicated, it takes around 10-15 minutes for small areas and around 30 minutes for the whole face. The most positive side of happy lift threads is that the surgery does not leave any scars or marks on face.