Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant- what to expect?

Hair Transpant is a relatively common procedure, especially among men. It’s performed under local anaesthetic, therfore there’s no need to stay at the clinic overnight. The procedure can take 3-5  hours, depending on the number of grafs being transplated. Immediately after the transplant, you’ll have hundreds of tiny incisions with short hair
stubble sticking out from the new grafts. In the few months following the surgery, before the new hair starts
to grow, there may be some shedding of your original hair so that the transplanted area may temporarily appear slightly thinner. This is a transient  phenomenon and will be corrected when the new hair begins to grow. It should not be a cause for concern.  Beginning at 3 months, you will experience hair starting to grow slowly. This is what is called the active growth stage. When the transplanted hair first appears, it is immature, fine, thin and light in color. As time passes, more transplanted hair will appear and will become thicker, longer and darker. It also perfectly normal to experience some itching.

There are also some guidelines concerning hair care after the surgery. First of all, for your first night home, sleep in a semi-upright position and use a couple of pillows to elevate your head. Do this for the first three days after the procedure. You may gently clean your scalp on the second day by taking a bowl into the shower, filling it with a mixture of water and a mild (not medicated) shampoo, and gently pouring it over the top, sides and back of your scalp. Do not let the shower spray directly hit the graft sites. Refill the bowl with clean water to rinse off the shampoo,
then gently pat dry. Do not use conditioner until the scabbing is gone. Gentle combing is permitted on the third day, but do not comb directly over grafts. Allow hair to air dry (no blow drying). Apart from that, avoid sun exposure or using a sunbed whilst your scalp is still pink and swollen and wear a hat if you have to go out in the sun. As far as alcohol and cigarettes are concerned, do not drink for the first 48 hours after surgery. If you are a smoker then don’t resume this until a month later. Smoking can interrupt blood flow to the hair follicles which is vital for new growth. It is even better if you can give up.