HAIR TRANSPLANT: Before-the-procedure Tips

Hair Transplant is a procedure generally chosen by men. In any medical procedure or treatment, the final results depend on many different factors and conditions. Some of these factors arise from choosing the right clinic, a doctor’s experience and expertise, or patient’s suitability for a certain treatment. However there are also ways in which a patient may contribute in order to ensure the best possible effect. This short article will present a couple of guidelines for those who are interested in having Hair Transplant procedure and would like to make sure that they did everything to be as prepared as one can be. The most important thing is that you should leave relatively long hair in your back area and on the sides, as they will cover the scar after the incision made in your donor area.
A patient may start the preparation process weeks or even months before the procedure day by doing a set of exercises that improves the skin condition of the scalp and makes it more lax. These exercises increase the number of grafts that may be harvested in a single procedure. The tutorial may be easily find on the internet.
Furthermore, three weeks before the procedure you will be asked to stop taking some of the medications and supplements that may cause bleeding during the surgery. These include products, such as aspirin, products with ibuprofen, and those containing vitamin E, garlic or fish oil. You may resume them after two weeks following the Hair Transplant procedure.
What is more, you should keep a healthy life-style, which improves your natural hair condition and growth. You may start using them again after two weeks from the procedure. If you are a smoker, it is strongly advised that you gave up smoking for at least a week before the surgery, due to the fact that it influences the blood flow to the scalp that may slow down the convalescence. A similar rule applies to alcohol. Also, if you like coffee, you should not drink it on the day of your procedure. On the other hand, you are recommended to start taking Vitamin C 1000 mg – three times a day for two weeks before and after the Hair Transplantation, as it helps with the healing process.
On the day of the procedure you should eat a rather light breakfast, no fast food or coffee, all of which may make you feel nauseated during the procedure. You should wash your hair thoroughly in the evening before or the morning of the procedure, however you must not apply gel or any cosmetic products other than a regular shampoo. This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, on an outpatient basis, which means that you are free to go home or to the hotel after it is finished. A single session lasts about six to ten hours. The follow-up visit is usually scheduled for the next day.
The clinics usually provide prescriptions for different kind of medication that a patient takes for specified by a doctor period of time. One of which is an antibiotic that prevents the infection and some other medications that deal with the discomfort in the donor area and a headache. You may come back to work whenever you feel ready, however you should restrain yourself from heavy exercising and strenuous work for at least a week following the surgery. Do not be alarmed when the transplanted hair start to fall out, as this is completely normal. After some time new natural hair will grow and replace them.


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