Cosmetic surgery abroad – it has never been so accesible

Cosmetic Surgery is becoming more and more popular each year. It presents an alternative for people living in countries with very expensive health care system and specialised treatment. Growing number of countries in both Eastern and Western Europe present many medical tourism opportunities for foreign patients, and that is why over a thousand people come to these countries every year for complex treatments and surgeries. Cosmetic treatment abroad has never been so easy and affordable and here are some of the advantages.
The biggest advantage of cosmetic treatment abroad are the financial arrangements. US or UK patients may save up to 70% on a given surgery even with the accommodation and travel costs. According to patients’ testimonials countries such as Poland, Czech Republic or Turkey offer the best quality-price arrangement possible and most of them come back for further treatments. Furthermore, in most of the foreign clinics the pre-consultation is online. Patients are required to send photographs and fill in the forms in order to get the quote and a specialist’s opinion. Consequently, they have bigger choice, as such information may be presented to various clinics whose prices and offer can be compared and juxtaposed. This characteristic fuels competition and presenting patients with better prices and packages. What is more, most of the travel aspects and arrangements are taken care of by these clinics or special agencies, so patients don’t need to worry about anything and may focus on speedy recovery. Travelling to a foreign country means also bigger privacy and chance to spend convalescence away from people that know you.
As cosmetic treatment abroad and medical tourism, however, is rapidly developing and expanding in many different countries the clinics put every effort to make the travel and treatment as comfortable and carefree for their patients as possible. Packages often include taking care of all the travel arrangements, as well as accommodation and local transfers, and some tourist attractions or spa, basically everything that can make patients feel satisfied and relaxed during their whole stay.