Cosmetic surgeries: A tattoo removal

A tatoo removal is a laser procedure which many patients ask for nowadays. A tatoo fearless dragon on an arm, a mysterious ornament mixed with initials on a calf, a beautiful flower on a neck. All of those tattoos can successfully decorate one’s body and express the character features or the philosophy of life of an individual. Undoubtedly, tattoos can be a positive thing. But what if someone decides to change his mind and remove the tattoo? Modern cosmetic surgeries provide patients with state-of-the-art technologies that help to deal with no longer wanted body decorations. That’s how laser lights came into picture.
The laser lights neutralize the tattoo inks and protect the skin tissue from burns and damages. Patient finds comfort in the blow of very cold ice air that numbs the area of the tattoo and reduces skin burning. It takes 4-8 treatments to remove a tattoo. Each treatment should be separated from each other by at least 4 weeks but it is advised to do longer breaks due to the long-lasting process of cleaning tissues from ink. Interestingly, longer breaks can even decrease the number of treatments. Pigment splits on tiny parts that, subsequently, are absorbed by the cells called macrophages.
It is vital to know that the more professional is the tattoo, the less complicated is the procedure of its removal. This relates to the less amount of ink being used while the tattoo was made. Additionally, during such treatment, the risk of allergic skin reaction decreases but it’s crucial to remember that laser lights shouldn’t be used on the tanned skin. The efficiency of laser light treatment is very high but a patient should know that some tattoos, even after the treatment, may be obscurely visible to the eye. If they’re not, the treated spots can still look a little brighter than the other skin areas.