Considering Hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant is a treatment for both men and women, but is especially popular among men. The procedure is based on hair replacement and its effects are fairly permanent. Hair transplants can be used on any form of baldness or hair loss.

The first phase requires analysis of individual case by surgeon, who than estimates if one procedure will be enough or if the patient requires more than one procedure, or what will be the best possible option, or estimated results.

When preparing for the surgery the patient must refrain from alcohol, cigaretes, or any medicines that can result in intraoperational bleeding. There are many different available techniques for harvesting of hair follicles, and regardless the technique it has to be done properly otherwise the transplant will not be accepted. There are two most popular ways to extract grafts: strip excision harvesting, and folicular unit extraction. Both methods are time consuming (the procedure can last one day, or longer) and require local anesthesia. Strip harvesting is a technique in which a strip of good hair skin is removed and than used on the balding area. Folicular unit extraction harvests individual folicilar units and is more time consuming, due to that it often takes place in multiple sessions.

After the procedure the vounded area must be shielded from the sun. Usually the patient can shampoo his/her hair after two days, shampooing is very improtant in healing process. Because the procedure is traumatic for the transplanted hair they will fall off in ten days from the procedure. New hair will grow in next two or three months, and they will achieve the final effect up till nine months.