Breast implants exchange – the preparation process

Breast implants exchange has become a very popular procedure, however, it also requires some preparation. The process of preparation  may appear quite easy. In fact, it is not as extensive as the original surgery but very similar. The role of the surgeon here is to examine the patient, ask some questions concerning the procedure, your health and healing process after the first surgery. The patient needs to be sure of all possible risks that might be encountered during and after the procedure, as well as the realistic expectations of the new result. The clinics provide the patients with a list of medications, and post-operative tips to follow in order to make the healing process as comfortable as possible.

The procedure of breast implants exchange is not as extensive as the first one and, as a consequence the healing process is shorter and less burdensome. The bruising and swelling is minimal as the space for implants has already existed so the muscles do not have to be stretched again. After the surgery, the doctor recommends to wear a special surgical bra which makes the process of healing more comfortable. Apart from that some medications are prescribed.