Acne Treatment. Enjoy a perfect skin!

Thanks to laser treatments, the effects of treatments can be excellent. It is a safe way, thanks to which we can improve skin imperfections. This is also in the case of laser acne treatment, which is based on bactericidal and sebostatical action, which has the head of the laser through heating the skin. As a consequence, it removes the acne. It does not mean the harmful pharmacological treatment.
This treatment is close to natural methods of rejuvenation, as there are no side effects. Laser removal of acne works anti inflammatory, antibacterial, shrinks acne papules and prevents recurrence. The results are visible just after one procedure. A small swelling or redness may appear afterwards and last till 48 hours.
After the procedure, it is not recommended to use sauna or hot bath and sunbathing. If the treatment was performed on face, it is advisable to use sunscreens of SPV 50 for 4 weeks after the treatment. Patients should avoid cosmetics based on alcohol. After 2 months, a check up visit is required.