A Lip lift surgery.

A Lip lift surgery is a common procedure, very often chosen by women who wish to have more feminine upper lip shape by removing tissue from just below the nose. This minor surgery effectively lifts the upper lip and improves the shape but does not add fullness. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and it takes from 30 to 45 minutes. The sutures which are used during the surgery are dissolvable, so patients do not have to return to the clinic to have them removed. Regarding swelling and bruising, after the time of 1-2 weeks it will decrease and after one month; totally disappear.

People who are suffering from active skin disorders on the face or lip area or any infections, should not undergo this procedure as it may cause a long healing process and scars. After the procedure, the patients may return home and after 7-10 days are able to come back to their normal activities. Like with other surgical interventions, lip lift is also connected with risk. Here are some common aftermaths: shape and unevenness of lift, loss of sensation which appears after the procedure but as the lips heal, normal feeling and function returns. Sometimes scars may become visible and revision of the incision might be necessary.