breast implants

Breast implants size

Breast implants size should be discussed with the surgeon, although, most women already have an idea of the size they wish to achieve even before they go to the initial consultation. What aspects should women thinking about Breast Augmentation take into consideration when choosing the perfect size? What aspects...

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Tummy Liposuction – What is it?

Tummy Liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries have become more and more popular and affordable each year, which may be easily supported by the statistics, patients’ testimonials and comments on various forums. The procedure of Tummy Liposuction has definitely stopped being considered as the ultimate option, reserved for body abnormalities...

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Eye Surgery Procedure

Eye surgery treatments have become very popular. You are not able to read a book or newspaper and can’t see a TV news anchor properly? Additionally, you find it difficult not to see blurred object from afar? This probably happens because you lost your glasses again. Fortunately, the new...

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Face Lift: Key information

Face Lift procedure is recommended to both men and women who would like to diminish or even completely remove the signs of aging and rejuvenate their facial features. Experts report that this cosmetic surgery can make a person look even 10 years younger. That doesn’t mean though that it...

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