To submit your questions, contact our English-speaking Patient Coordinator viae-mail: or ,or give us a call at (0048) 604 454 212. You may also contact us through our website using REQUEST INFORMATION form.

The Patient Coordinator will get back to you to answer all of your questions. You will be asked to send the photographs and complete a medical form to comply with our Health & Safety policy, which will be forwarded to the surgeon who will perform your procedure.

When you are ready to proceed,  we will offer you several dates to choose from. Have a look at our Flights & Accommodation and decide where you would like to stay. Once the procedure date has been confirmed, you can make your travel arrangements.

Your consultation and/or pre-operational exam usually takes place on the day of your arrival in Poland, or the following morning. Your procedure is usually performed within 24 hours after consulting your expectations with the surgeon.

Please, note that the final results depend not only on the surgeon, but also the anatomical conditions of the patient and healing process.

If a patient is not satisfied with the results from the surgery and from the medical point of view there is a possibility to correct it, we offer corrective procedure free of charge. However, the patient needs to pay for flights, accommodation, etc. on his/her own.


Please note that we require a deposit of 850 PLN (about £173) payable at the time of booking services. This is an administration fee, it forms part of the overall cost of your procedure and will be deducted from  the procedure cost. This amount is not refundable, should you decide to cancel your booking. If you decide, however, to book another service within 12 months you may transfer the amount paid, and it will be deducted from your subsequent booking. You may pay the deposit either by Mail / Telephone Order, which is a payment via your Visa/Master card, or you may make a transfer from your bank account.
Please, note that if you choose to pay by a card, we add 1,6% to the sum for a bank transfer fee.

If you decide on Mail Order, please provide us with the following information so that we could charge the amount from your account:
–              Type of your card (Visa/Master)
–              Card number
–              Expiry date
–              CVC2/CVV2 number (a three-digital number at the back of your card)
Details for a bank transfer
Bank Account Details:
ClinicForYou Sp. z o.o.
ul. Muchoborska 14/106 B
54-424 Wrocław
Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.
ul. Rynek 9/11
50-950 Wrocław
IBAN (The International Bank Account Number): PL94 1090 2398 0000 0001 2308 9726