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Piotr Rataj, MD, Ph.D.

Dr Piotr Rataj is a specialist in general and aesthetic surgery, a Member of the Association of Polish Surgeons, a Member of the Polish Society of Aesthetic Surgery and Dermosurgery and a Founder member of the Polish Society of Reproductive Hair Surgery.
Plastic Surgeon
  • 1994  Wrocław Medical University, Surgery,
  • 1994-1995  Post-graduate training in the Specialist Hospital, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration in Wrocław,
  • 1995  An assistant in the Department of General and Traumatic Surgery in the L. Rydygiera Specialist Hospital in Wrocław,
  • 1997  Obtaining 1st specialist degree in General and Traumatic surgery,
  • 1998-2002  Internship in general and plastic surgery wards in University hospitals in Wrocław,
  • 2000  Working at the Department of Plastic Surgery in a voluntary capacity
  • 2001  Practice as a senior assistant at a leading private clinic specializing in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Wrocław,
  • 2002  Cooperation with the Kolasiński Clinic in Poznań, specializing in the field of hair transplants. (founding the Polish Society of Reproductive Hair Surgery, along with the clinic team),
  • 2003  Obtaining 2nd specialist degree in General and Aesthetic surgery,
  • 2003  Establishing private practice in Wrocław as a specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic surgery,
  • 2004  Working alongside Dr Tadeusz Myczkowski Ph.D., MD, in his private Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic,
  • 2006  Establishing the modern Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology in Wrocław with his wife, Aneta Madej MD, PhD
Dr Piotr holds certificates of application in face-modelling and wrinkle-correcting techniques, and performs non-surgical cosmetic treatments using Botox, Exoderm, Surgiderm, Juvaderm, Theosyal, Voluma, Restylan, etc. He continues to broaden his knowledge and skills by attending conferences and courses to remain at the forefront of medical innovations and methods in his chosen field of Aesthetic Surgery.

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