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Maciej Kusinski, MD

A competent physician, during the specialisation in otolaryngology. He specialises in ears, nose, throat and laryngs diseases at adults and children. He is particularly interested in laryngology: pathology of the hearing organ and balance, head and neck cancers, the USG of neck organs ( thyroid, parotids, lymph nodes). The member of Polish Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeons, since the 2011- the participant of PhD studies in Zakład Patomorfologii and Cytologii Onkologicznej of Medical University in Wroclaw.
  • 2005 Internship abroad at medical ward of University in Santiago de Compostela in Spain,
  • 2008 Clinical brand of Otolaryngology in Military Hospital in Wroclaw,
He gained his experience as an ambulance doctor, primary care physician, specialist otolaryngological clinics and the physician of ER laryngology in the areas of Lower Silesia.

Dr Maciej Kusiński took part in many specializing and improving courses and national and international conferences. The author and co-author of publications and scientific reports.